17 Questions

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if this is an original, I got this from our Facebook group. Questions were taken from Doc Arvin’s post.

Imagine that today is year 2005:

1: What time do you have to wake up? – 6AM.

2. What is your cellphone? Tell me more about this phone. Why is it the best for you?- I had a Nokia 3650. I think it’s the only Nokia phone with a round bottom. It was the best phone for me because it was a gift.

3.What was your internet speed and how much? -None. I used my cellphone as a hotspot.

4. How many inches was your TV? It was a room TV, around 24 inches.

5. Do you have a laptop? Desktop? How many GB was the storage?- Somebody donated a desktop to me sometime in 2004. I can’t remember the storage capacity.

6.Where do you go for a gimmick?- I hated going to the bar but I went there occasionally with friends. I’ve been to maybe half of the bars in Olongapo.

7.What was the most instagrammable location then? – Beaches in Gapo and the nature in Subic.

8.Which mall was the best? Which mall had the best cinema?- In 2005, believe it or not, the malls that I went to were the small malls in Gapo and Bataan.

9. How do you listen to music?- Through my FM/AM radio.

10. What car do you drive? If commute, how much was the fare.- I have no car yet in 2005. I could not remember the fare because I walked a lot.

11. You are considered “sosyal” when you wear this- To be honest, I don’t know. I’m never brand conscious. What looks good on me will do.

12. You are “sosyal” if you eat what?- What? Caviar? I don’t know. Haha.

13. How much was the US$ exchange rate to Peso- $50?, I don’t remember.

14. Were you working or studying in 2005?- Working!

15. Describe your past get-up- Nothing fancy. Just shirt and jeans.

16. Do you order via food delivery in 2005?- No. Making phone calls were expensive for me during those times.

17. What were your dreams in 2005 that you were able to achieve in 2021?- Prefer not to answer. LOL.