San Rafael River Adventure Glass Cottage

Glass Cottage

If you want to take a break from the busy city, why don’t you try to have an overnight stay at the San Rafael River Adventure? San Rafael is a municipality in Bulacan that boasts a picturesque view of the river where you can do some water activities like kayaking and banana boating. Not afraid of the heights? Then you can try the gigantic swing.

You can simply walk around and enjoy the freshness of the air or ride on the rented APV. You can either enjoy your coffee from Barra El Rio while looking at the river or wait until the sun sets to order your favorite wine. You can swim in the deep infinity pool or just enjoy a dip at the kiddie pool.

The cottages are unique and have an “into the woods” feel especially at night. Our cottage can accommodate up to 8 people. Please refer to the youtube video that I posted; the rest of the videos are in the same channel.


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