The Secret of the Greco Family: Andres

I have just finished watching “The Secret of the Greco Family” on Netflix. Initially, I was sympathetic to Andres Greco, and I felt that Dario deserved to rot in jail more than him. But after re-watching some of the mini-series’ highlights, I changed my perception of Andres Greco. 

Andres seems to be the good one if we are to compare him with his older brother Dario. His attractive looks and sports career leads him to date one of the most in-demand models in his country. His mother and his godfather Hugo adore him. But beneath his shy demeanor is a character that is comparable to his psychopath father Aquiles. 

  1. Just like his father, he does not respect the church or the disciples of the church. Aquiles hears the mass with his family but his facial expression tells that he is just doing it for the sake of not being exposed. In one scene, Andres stands in front of Sabrina’s friend (a nun) with only his shirt and underwear. He smirks when the nun feels uncomfortable. 
  2. Andres appears to be scared of Aquiles’ idea of kidnapping the rich kids in their community yet he easily gives Gael’s name when his father asked him about the prospect. On the contrary, Dario wonders why Andres picked Gael to be their victim when he finds him a good person.
  3. Aquiles lives a double life with that of a good family man on one side and a psychopath on the other side. He projects a good image to Martha and their daughters Sabrina and Abril. Manuela believes that Andres is a good man, she’s even waiting for the marriage proposal. But without her knowing, Andres banged Gael’s girlfriend Paula. 
  4. Their sisters Sabri and Abril are closer to Dario (who’s supposed to be the black sheep) than to him. Dario is even protective of Abril.
  5. In their daily conversations, Dario discovers that Gael is a good man and he can’t understand why Andres picked him as their victim. On the other hand, Andres has the audacity to go to Gael’s family to scoop information about the kidnapping. 
  6. Dario feels bad for their last victim, an old woman, while Andres seems to enjoy intimidating her. 
  7. I don’t remember Dario taking off his mask in front of their victims but Andres either gives hints or on one occasion, takes off his mask before the old lady. In short, Andres anticipates the destiny of their victims.

Fernando Colunga’s role as a psychopath father is different from how I first saw him as Thalia’s on-screen partner in Maria la del Barrio. I love how he evolved as an actor— you would surely hate him in this Netflix series.

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