Why Are We Paranoid of “Musta Na?”

Disclaimer: Everything that is written is based on my personal experience and views.

There’s an ongoing joke on Facebook about correlating the word “Musta na?” to someone who’s about to ask for favor. Therefore, to avoid the pain of the consequences of being burdened to grant the favor— they simply avoid replying to the texts or chats.

What is so worrying about seeing the words “Musta na?” Partially, it’s because we’re in the age wherein communication have become one-sided since the growth of social media (socmed).

Before the socmed age, people take time to visit their friends and loved ones. They spent time reconnecting. There was a give and take in terms of the information that they shared. People are excited and sometimes very eager to know on what’s the latest about each other’s families. Today, everybody can just post anything that they want to share. So, it lessens the curiosity of the people. The “musta na” comment on your Facebook wall becomes the new “hi and hello.” Sometimes, it becomes the ice breaker .

In the past, you cannot hide your real economic status 100% when your friends or family visit. Hence, they don’t assume that you’re loaded when they feel that there is struggle in your daily life; they would rather let go of the idea of borrowing money or asking for favor. Today, it is easy to project to be somebody you are not so the words “musta na” make others nervous because somebody might ask for something that they aren’t willing to give.

People used to do “telebabad” for reasons like reconnection, getting to know each other, chismis, killing time etc. Both parties take time to communicate. Today, you can ignore a text message, an email or a chat and get back to it at your most convenient time. “Musta na” becomes a code wherein the recipient has the option of replying to it or not.

In the past, “musta na” is a symbol of one’s affection and concern. I grew up on it, I am still that person up to now. “Musta na” from family or friends do not intimidate me as I am vocal about what I can or cannot grant in case they ask for favor.


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