My Torque Phone

My husband broke my Sony Ericsson phone early this year. It didn’t matter to me because we still had two spare cellphones. When my Nokia 6120C phone was damaged due to frequent droppings, I decided to buy a new cellphone because my other cellphone was old and bulky.

I was looking for a simple Nokia phone, it could still be a 6120C because I really loved its slim feature. While Sony Ericsson is my second brand when it comes to cellphone, I thought that maybe LG or Motorola would also be a good choice.

The saleslady showed me the latest Nokia models. I told her that I am not looking for a high-end phone at this time because with a baby around me, I could not promise that I could safekeep my cellphone away from him all of the time. Well, E71 seemed to be perfect for me but I was not impressed with QWERTY boards. Besides, the phone is too wide for my little hand to carry while texting.

I told her that I was just looking for a second phone or maybe a meantime phone. Then she offered me those China phones named Torque, Cherry and Myphone. I told her that I am not into the touch screen thing and QWERTY.

Miel said that the D110 Torque would work just fine with my tiny hands and fingers. So the saleslady gave me a sample of the D110 model and I carefully examined its features.

Okay, so this is not a Nokia or an Ericsson phone so don’t expect that the speaker will be that good. I am not into MP3, MP4 and MP5 (if there will be such a thing) so D110’s inferior speaker is forgivable to me.

The screen is just fine, its longer than my Nokia 6120C screen. The keyboards are made of metal and are just perfect for my little thumb when texting. It’s dual sim, a bonus, so now I can be reached through Globe and Smart. Memory is expandable; I bought a 2-GB memory card. Camera is at 1.3 megapixel only. Well, I don’t need a phone cam since I have a digicam.

I haven’t tried the internet but I wouldn’t dare to try since the phone is just 2G. You can’t add your favorite tunes on the message alert tone so you’re just limited to the built-in tunes on the phone. But you can add tunes on the ring tone, mine is from the melody feature. Yes, just like Ericsson, it has a melody maker. My daughter keyed-in the notes of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and I’m using it as alarm and ring tone.

I can charge my battery anywhere there is a laptop or desktop because the USB is removable from the phone’s battery charger. I can listen to the FM radio when not busy at work.

The price is just PhP 3,200 for the phone and an additional of PhP 400 for the memory card. It’s too early to tell that I saved much money in buying a Torque phone because the defects (whether factory defect or my fault) are not yet showing. But for a text and call feature, a Torque phone
works just right for me.

Is it by any chance that I’m attracted to Acer/Wistron products? My laptop is an Acer and Torque seems to be related to Acer, too.