Death of a Girlfriend

Note: This may contain spoilers.


AJ Raval- Christine

Diego Loyzaga- Alonzo, Cristine’s boyfriend

Arnold Reyes- as the forest ranger

Raul Morit- as the farmer

Soliman Cruz- as the interrogator (voice only)

“Death of a Girlfriend,” tells the story of a high school student named Cristine who was found raped and murdered in the secluded part of the forest. The interrogator summoned the last persons that were believed to have seen Cristine on her way to school.

The first one was Alonzo, her secret boyfriend, and schoolmate, who told the investigator that he believed that the forest ranger was the one responsible for her rape and murder. From the start, Alonzo and the forest ranger appeared to despise each other because of their mutual admiration for Cristine.

The forest ranger and the farmer were already wearing the orange jail uniform so we could assume that they were already the prime suspects in the heinous crime. The two kept on pinning one another because of an obvious personal and professional grudge. Just like Alonzo’s story, the farmer believed that the forest ranger was the one who raped and murdered Cristine. The forest ranger’s alibi was he could never do that because he was a family friend of Cristine. He insisted that it was the farmer who had perverted thoughts about Cristine.

Cristine was an easy target because of her carefree attitude. I think that because she grew up in the area, she trusted the people around her. Instead of waiting for her school bus, she preferred to take the isolated shortcut on her way to school. She was a loner and a secretive girl who had her share of her youthful mischief by smoking which is against her family’s rule. Had she been more open about her day-to-day activities with her mother, maybe she could have told her about the guy who kept on following her to school. But yes, telling more stories might give her mother an idea that there was a time when she became curious and tried drugs with her boyfriend.

I hated that part when Cristine was raped and murdered. Why would her admirer rape and kill her when she offered her friendship to him? The answer is because not everyone thinks like we are. What is harmless to us could be a ticking bomb to another especially if the person is obsessed or a psychopath.

The supporting actors Raul and Arnold are good in this movie and they give a convincing portrayal of their roles. Diego is also good and comfortable in his role, I feel like watching a young Cesar Montano as he is a spitting image of his father. Of course, the talk of the town is AJ Raval, a newcomer and one of the daughters of Jeric Raval. While Cristine’s role calls for someone who is guarded and aloof, AJ somehow overdid it thus appearing uncomfortable and conscious in some scenes. AJ has a strong screen presence and she appears to have a natural talent for acting. She needs to improve her line delivery and attend speech workshops.

Her controversial breast exposure was done in good taste. (Looks like she was wearing body stockings and fake nipples, though).

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