Cignal’s Replacement Channels

I’ve been a Cignal subscriber for 4 years now, we could not afford to have a smart TV because internet connectivity is a problem in our area. Effective October 1st, Cignal announced that the Walt Disney company will stop airing its channels. As a result, the following channels will no longer be shown in Cignal: Disney Junior, Disney Channel, FOX Movies, FOX Action Movies, FOX Life, FOX, FOX Sports, and FOX Sports 2.

I emailed their customer service to ask about the replacement channels and here they are: Lotus Macau, Tagalized Movie Channel, TAP TV, UAAP Varsity Channel, Dreamworks (Tagalized), Dreamworks (English), TAP Action, TAP Movies, Premier Sports, and Moonbug Kids.

I am not familiar with these channels so I took some time to research them.
Lotus Macau is a Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking channel so personally, this is out of my channel list unless I push through with learning Mandarin.
TAP TV’s current lists of the program are The Today Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Voice UK, The Voice Kids UK, and Top Chef to name a few.
Dreamworks(Tagalized and English) offers animated kids’ series like Kung Fu Panda, Trolls, Boss Baby, and Dragons Race to the Edge.

TAP Action-Flix and TAP Movies will show Asian and Hollywood movies while Premier Sports is dedicated to sporting events.

Moonbug Kids is a kids’ entertainment channel.

I am not sure if the new channels are as good as the Walt Disney Channels so it is still premature of me to judge and decide what to do next. Assuming that they are not good, I think that the consumers would be shortchanged because the replacement channels did not meet our expectations. If the other good channels will follow Walt Disney’s business strategy, then there may come a time when the replacement channels will dominate the cable TV.

They say that TV would die soon and the rise of the internet as the medium of video entertainment is unstoppable. In a country where most of the areas have problematic internet connection and connectivity, we’re still far from facing this problem. On the other hand, the rise of digital entertainment can also mean that more jobs will be obsolete in the coming years.