Crime Rate in Balanga City

This news came as a shock to me. Marion Joseph Ariem,an altar old boy was found dead at the Mahogany Forest Park inside the BNHS campus. Why? Is it a case of robbery and murder? Hazing? Frat war? Love triangle? What?

He was an altar boy when he was alive and he dreamed of becoming a priest someday. How could anyone with that seemingly tame character clash with someone who is capable of killing him? How was he killed? Is it possible that someone from that school is responsible for his death?

Sa mga kabataan dyan sa Balanga, ingat-ingat po. Always pray before you leave the house. Inform your parents about your whereabouts. Bring your cellphone with you and please, have it fully-charged so that your parents or guardian can call you up to check on you. Hindi jologs ang chinecheck ng magulang. Don’t hang out late at night. Your life is so dear.