Elison Hotel in Balanga City


  1. Located right at the heart of Balanga City. Just a few minutes away from the Genesis Bus Terminal and provincial bus and jeep terminal. Just a few meters away from the plaza, mall and place of worship (Balanga Cathedral and Iglesia ni Cristo).
  2. Privacy- each room is similar to an studio-type unit sans the kitchen.
  3. Security- guard on duty takes his job seriously. Female visitors are not allowed to go directly to the room of the person she’s visiting; she has to wait at the reception area.
  4. Swimming pool- if your purpose is just to relax, the small pool is just right for you.
  5. Attitude of Staff- the old man at the reception area gives you the feeling of security.
  6. Hot and cold shower is available.
  7. Cold aircon.
  8. Sound-proof room. This came as a relief for us because of my noisy kids!


  1. If you are budget-conscious and travelling alone, price starts at PhP 1,200. Since we are travelling as a family, we took a double de luxe at PhP 1,350 + PhP200 for the extra bed. I am okay with the price because it’s like paying PhP 370 per person.
  2. Bed sheet and blanket are too thin. Don’t expect comforters here.
  3. Don’t expect a state of the art carpeted room or a bathtub at the restroom.