Ramsay and Adarna

Update: Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay! The wedding was held in Rancho Bernardo, a luxury mountain villa in Bagac, Bataan last November 11, 2021. It is true that not all long-term relationships end up in marriage. When a person is ready from all important aspects, he or she will not think twice about getting married.

Why are fans angry about Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay’s relationship? To those who are not yet aware or simply do not care, the latest couple in town is none other than Ellen and Derek. It is such as small world because Ellen’s ex-boyfriend and father of her son Elias is John Lloyd Cruz who happens to be Angelica Panganiban’s ex-boyfriend number 3 after Carlo Aquino and Derek Ramsay.

At the start of the Ellen and Derek relationship, nobody wanted to believe that their friendship would evolve into a romantic partnership because Ellen has always been known to confuse her fans about who she’s dating. Now, it can be told that those
photos from a month ago were not meant to confuse fans because they started their relationship during those times.

The union of two strong personalities with a devil-may-care attitude did not delight the fans especially the fans of their exes Andrea Torres and John Lloyd Cruz.

Fans are hating on Derek because he quickly moved on after his break-up with Andrea. Though Ellen has nothing to do with it, some fans are saying that Derek should have followed the 3-month rule. The 3-month rule goes something like this: you don’t hurry yourself into dating again and you give yourself time to heal within the 3-month post-breakup. In this way, you are not prone to having a rebound relationship because it is not fair for the new love. Now, this can be contestable because Ellen seems fine with it and all she sees now is how happy they are when they are together. If Ellen doesn’t care, then who are we to care? Derek is not her rebound because, after John Lloyd, she said she had a long-distance relationship with a Spanish guy but that doesn’t count probably because it was short-lived. With Derek not being Ellen’s rebound, then fans are saying that she should at least
give some respect to John Lloyd and exclude Elias from the photos that she and Derek are posting.

While some fans are brutal about their bashing on the new couple, I think that most of them are just coming from a place of concern for the little boy. In all fairness to Ellen and John Lloyd, they seem to be doing a great job in co-parenting their son. And maybe those photos of Ellen and Derek with Elias are just Ellen’s way of sending the message that they are okay and everything is under control.

But of course, relationships have their ups and downs, beginning and end. As much as we wanted to have a connection with somebody that we love, it may not happen because of certain circumstances. We don’t want the little ones to suffer because of the separation or break-up.