Pamamahayag – August 26, 2013

"Humayo kayo't mag-akay ng panauhin."

“Humayo kayo’t mag-akay ng panauhin.”

I would like to share my “pag-aakay experience” with my brothers and sisters in Iglesia Ni Cristo. I have been a member of this church since 2009 but this is my first time to go with the group to literally go out and invite people to attend the “Pamamahayag.”

Being a convert, I always have second thoughts if I can do activities that old-time members do. In college, my brother and I lived in a place where majority of the dwellers were members of the INC. We were not invited to any of their church activities and I thought that it was a good deal because I used to be sensitive about other people preaching about their religion to me.

Monday morning (August 26), my husband reminded me about the “pag-aakay” and I told him to go ahead; a hint that I would not be going. While eating lunch, I thought, “what’s wrong with pag-aakay, anyway?”
What’s wrong with finding people to spread the word of God?
What’s wrong with inviting people to see how we do it in INC?
I am not inviting them for a gambling session!
I am not inviting them for a pot session!
I am not even using a gun to force them to go with me to the church.
Take it or leave it, it’s up to them.

The first person to receive my invitation was a sales agent. Funny and awkward because I wasn’t even looking for a house in their subdivision. I just looked in her direction and she gave me her brochure. In return, I gave her my invitation. She was trying to sell a unit, I was trying to “sell” the word of God. Haha!

What’s so good about “pag-aakay” is enjoying the social interaction with almost all kinds of people. The positive thing in our area is that, the people are receptive. Last night, we were able to fill the church with our guests alone! All of them were curious what the invite was all about so they came. I hope that most, if not all, of our guests will be a member by next year. It’s their choice; nobody’s forcing them to convert. 🙂