Maricel Soriano, The Diamond Star

Maricel Soriano’s transfer to ABC5 seems futile; the network seems to be a little slow in giving her the right projects. I’m not a Maricel Soriano big fan but when I watched her guesting in GMA 7’s “Pilyang Kerubin,” I’m convinced that she’s indeed the Diamond Star.

Her acting on that particular scene when she had to give up her elder daughter to a childless couple in exchange of some cash for her younger daughter’s hospitalization is just touching; you can feel her grieving. I wonder why ABS CBN let go of a talent like her. Maybe some of her shows did not rate well before? I think what Maricel needs is a sort of a comeback project with a good storyline and good supporting actors. I’m talking about a comeback project so don’t count her former projects in ABS CBN.

Maricel is one actress who’s good at both drama and comedy just like the late Nida Blanca. I’m not sure if she’s articulate and spontaneous to host a talk show.

Seeing her accepting a small yet intensified role in “Pilyang Kerubin” and supporting a newbie like Barbie Forteza may spark criticism because after all, she’s the Diamond Star. So you have to watch her guest appearance to see for yourself that Maricel delivers her role at her best, you’d think the show is Barbie and hers. 😉


You To Me Are Everything (Movie)

I will definitely watch this movie with my husband. This seems to be a nice movie. Marian improved a lot as an actress. She’s good at drama and comedy. IMO, si Marian ang nagdadala sa loveteam nila ni Dingdong. She’s just so funny!

I will definitely look forward to the car scene when Dingdong is asking Marian to give him some silent moments. The scene when Marian is obviously “kinikilig” when Dingdong hugs her from behind is also cute.

Real or reel, the couple looks so much in love. Marian is Dingdong’s love of his life and vice versa.

I Feel Cesar Montano’s Grief

Cesar lost his eldest son by his first wife. The latter took his own life by firing a gun through his right temple. (Source:

I don’t personally know the Manhilot family. I have no idea on how Cesar is as a father. I have no idea about Angelo’s character. Is he passive? Is he secretive?

Judging from the showbiz reports, Cesar took care of his children from his first marriage. In my opinion, it’s very rare for somebody who projects a macho image on silver screen to take the custody of his young children and let the whole showbiz world that he has children. Cesar loves his children.

Angelo appeared timid most of the time. Cesar trusted him the management of their three restaurants. Cesar had confidence in his eldest son.

What was Angelo thinking the day he committed suicide? His relationship with his young step-mom Sunshine Cruz looked fair enough. He was reportedly fond of his three half-sisters by Sunshine and his half-brother by Teresa Loyzaga. His elder sister Angela looked like somebody who would protect him at all times. He appeared to have a healthy relationship with anyone inside his family circle. So why did he took his own life?

He reportedly had a fight with his girlfriend. Maybe the girl wanted to end the relationship. Maybe the girl did not expect that Angelo could commit such an act.

I feel for Cesar Montano. His son’s demise happened in the worst timing. Cesar is running for a gubernatorial seat in Bohol. How would that affect his candidacy? Will his political opponents use this incident to conclude that Cesar was not a good father to Angelo?

Cesar could be thinking of the 23 wonderful years that he spent with Angelo. He could be thinking of their hardest times when he was not yet known as Cesar Montano.

My condolences to the Manhilot family.
My condolences to Shine and Buboy.

Anne Curtis is Not Bastusin

I saw the video and photo of Anne’s swimsuit malfunction during her dance number in ASAP last Sunday and I found nothing offensive or profane on it.

First, Anne is not new to wearing skimpy swimsuits. It is predictable that just like a time bomb, a swimsuit malfunction is waiting to happen. —- It happened.

Second, Anne was dancing when the accidental exposure happened. She didn’t mean to expose herself.

Third, in my HUMBLE opinion, Anne is simply not the bastusin-type. What happened was an accident and there was nothing profane on it. It was those malicious people who made a big deal out of it.

Some are saying that Anne did that on purpose. Her movie with ex-bf Sam Milby will be shown on April 3. I don’t think that Anne will allow herself to be the subject of lust and ridicule for publicity. 🙂

Cita Astals Needs Help!

That was how I thought of Cita Astals.

To the younger generation, Cita was a good comedienne back in the 90’s. She played Dolphy’s lady boss in his top-rating sitcom, Home Along Da Riles. Cita endorsed a brand of cough syrup, too. Benadryl, if my memory serves me right.

She ran as Manila councilor in the late 90’s (?) and won. Oh, I remember her feud with then co-councilor Ishko Moreno. Ishko was a total nobody then in the field of politics. Fast-forward to several years later, he became a lawyer and a vice-mayor!

Cita was probably not one of the best councilors in Manila but in her heart, she knew it was her calling. What caused her depression from losing the 2007 election was probably due to severe emotional stress. Money could play second factor. Drugs? I don’t think so unless somebody would tell me that she was hooked on it.

Wish Ko Lang host Vicky Morales mentioned that Cita lives alone; her electric supply was cut by the electric company because she could no longer afford to pay her bills. I wonder how a woman so friendly and warm would not even have a partner with her. Maybe a good partner with her would mean a lot; there would be somebody with her to cry and laugh.

It’s good to see Claudine Baretto, Nova Villa and Lou Veloso showing concern over their former colleague. I just hope that their concern is for real; not a gimmick or plain publicity. Or I just hope that their concern is continuous because it’s pretty hard to always understand a person in Cita’s position who obviously needs psychiatric help.

Cita’s case is a good reminder that even strong people need emotional support from family and friends. She needs help. She needs love. She needs support.

Update: December 30, 2014 at the Philippine Arena
I’m happy to see Cita Astals in better shape now. She’s one of the hosts of today’s event at the Philippine Arena. She’s back to her old wacky and smart self. Wait, do I hear it right that she will have a TV program at Net25?