Great Find: Camotes Island

What can be more relaxing than to try vacationing on a minimally-explored island that is one and a half to two hours from mainland Cebu by boat/roro.

If you find other beaches too crowded for comfort yet you’re still looking for clear waters and white sand, then Camotes Island maybe the perfect getaway for you.

The people are friendly and hospitable, the place is not polluted and you can enjoy eating your favorite seafoods without worrying about high prices. Shrimps and lobsters are a rarity though.

Be prepared to conquer its rough seas. Have fun listening to local folklores. Enjoy their culture and way of living. Go and try Camotes Island!


Be My House Guest?


I lived in my grandmother’s house from ages 10-16. During those six years, I was taught on how to be a good house guest. Surely, I would always be my grandmother’s favorite grandchild but it was still her home; I had to abide by the rules.

Rule # 1: No TV after 9PM. Grandma preferred to sleep by 9 PM and we shared a room. It meant turning off the TV by 9M and go to bed by that time.

Rule # 2: Rise up by 6:30 AM. Grandma would rise up by 6AM and cook breakfast for me. By 6:30 AM, I was expected to be at the dining area for breakfast. Nothing beats her fried rise until now!

Rule # 3: Clean the house. I was the one in charge of cleaning Grandma’s two-storey house.She was particular to neatness and orderliness.

Rule # 4: Never open Grandma’s closet. I never had the chance to take a look at what’s inside Grandma’s closet until her death in 2005. Respect for one’s personal belongings was what she always taught me.

Rule # 5: Never turn on or use any appliances without Grandma’s permission. Just like rule # 4, I learned to respect other people’s belongings. Up to now, I don’t even peep at my husband’s cellphone messages and this intrigues him. 😉

I hate house guests who act as if they own the house! Heck, I lived with a relative at a young age and I knew how to follow my host’s rules.

I hate house guests who leave clutters, used cotton balls and used sanitary pads. Is it so hard to thrown those things in the thrash can?

I hate house guests who turn on the radio or television without my permission. I hate it even more when they don’t share my appreciation for their kind of music or TV show.

I hate house guests who are gloomy. I am not a pyschologist. Better not visit our house if you have PMS or just having a bad day!

I hate house guests who use my cup. Oh, it’s maybe because I was assigned my own set of utensils when I was a house guest myself.

I am not a gracious host. I suck at hospitality. But I could be a very entertaining host when I feel that the house guest is not taking advantage of her being a guest.

Rules are there to guide everyone. I have my own sets of rules for guests to follow. Don’t worry, I don’t usually become a bitch when pissed off! 😉