Tretorn Shoes

Tretorn shoes are included in the Lazada 12-12 sale.
Yes, you hear it right, GenX people, the iconic shoes
of our childhood and teenage years are back in the market.

I posted the Tretorn’s Lazada ad on my Facebook wall and
I was surprised to receive nostalgic comments about the shoes.
Truth to be told, I only knew about its popularity and
brand when my mother tried to buy me a pair of Tretorn shoes
in Balanga Arcade sometime in December 1990.
K-Swiss shoes, another popular brand, costed PhP1500 then while
Tretorn ranged between PhP1200 to PhP1000 depending upon the
material. Of course, the leather line was more expensive than the
canvass shoe style.
PhP1200 pesos was such a big money during the 90s; I could have
bought 3 pairs of a local rubber shoe brand like Kaypee.
So you guessed it right, my mother settled for a less expensive
Thailand-made brown leather shoes.

90s was not yet the era of eCommerce or even Duty Free so owning
a pair of imported shoes was such a big deal. And because
most of my classmates were wearing either a K-Swiss or a Tretorn,
my saving glory was a pair of white Nike shoes that I requested
from Kuya Boyet, my uncle. Pardon me for my naivety, I did not
know how expensive a pair of Nike shoes was. I just wanted
a pair of imported shoes and he was the only closest relative
who was working abroad at that time. Hahaha.

It was 1991 when I paraded the white Nike shoes on the campus.
I have a little secret, the shoes were one size smaller so I had
to wear lace socks instead of sports socks to lessen the discrepancy.

I did not tell my mother or my uncle about the
blisters I had to endure because that would break their heart.
They knew how much I wanted to own a pair of imported shoes.
But anyway, the shoes created enough space later on for my feet to fit in.

It was in 1993 when I had my first and last pair of Tretorn shoes.
Imagine me waiting for two years just to own one? The hype about
Tretorn shoes were slowly decreasing by the time I had one but
just the same, I was so happy to wear them and parade them in
school during Fridays. (I wore black school shoes from Monday
to Thursday). I seldom wore the Tretorn shoes so they went all
the way with me to college. My dormmate saw how dirty they were
and advised me to clean them using a fine toothbrush and a little
white toothpaste. I told him that that was exactly the look and
character that I wanted for in Tretorn shoes: the dirtier, the
better. Until now, I am not sure if his opinion is the opinion of
the other kids who grew up in the States. Or it was just him who
was too conscious of one’s proper grooming. Anyway, I appreciate
his concern and he was one of the nice guys in the dorm.

Fast forward to the present times, yes, it’s quite sentimental to
own a pair of Tretorn shoes but if ever I would buy one today,
I would just keep them as a souvenir of my childhood and teenage
years. With all due respect to the brand, I know it is iconic but
I feel awkward wearing a trademark from my past.


Mga Brand Ng Inyong Kabataan

1. Prell Shampoo- Can you still remember this shampoo? Green shampoo ito na naka-pack sa clear container. Kalaban ito ng Palmolive shampoo dati. Mabango naman kaso di nagtagal sa market.
2. Timothy Shampoo- Model nito ang babaeng white ang buhok. Sabi nila, nung i-try daw nila ang Timothy, naging white din ang buhok nila. Hehehe.
3. Kao Feather Shampoo- Was it Dina Bonnevie who endorsed this product? Remember the jingle, Kao Feather the mildest shampoo ever?
4. Dimension Shampoo- Sino di makakalimot sa Dimension versus Pantene logo war? Hehehe. Baligtarin mo ang logo ng Pantene, yun ang logo ng Dimension. Magkaamoy pati. Kung si Nikki Prieto (now Nikki Teodoro) ang first commercial model dito sa Pinas ng Pantene, I think it was Mayumi Cabrera who endorsed Dimension. Labanan ng magaganda yan!
5. Lifebuoy- Lulubog-lilitaw ang family soap na to. Orange ang trademark nyang kulay. Masakit sa balat ko nung bata ako kaya ayokong gamitin. Hehehe.
6. Magico- Family soap na puti. Mild lang ng konti sa Perla pero Perla pa rin ang dating. Gustong-gustong ipampaligo ng pinsan ko at namumuti daw sya. Namumuti dahil dry ang balat. Hindi pambata ang sabon na yun.
7. Wonder Boy- Bilib ako sa Chippy dahil na-sustain nya through the decades ang marketability nya. Ang Wonder Boy, pagkain ng mga batang masa. Asan na kaya yun? I miss the taste!
8. Kiddie Kurls- Pantapat sa Chiz Curls (spelling?) ng mga batang masa. Paboritong bilhin ng tatay ko sa amin pag bumabagyo. Isang malaking supot para enjoy kaming kumain kahit baha.
9.Haba-Haba- Haba daw sumulat at pantapat ng masa sa sosyaling Kilometrico Ballpen. Ideal ang Haba-haba sa mga nagtitipid gaya ko.
10. Tretorn- Sosyal ka pag naka-Tretorn ka! May kaklase ako nung grade school na sandamakmak ang Tretorn. May time pa na nabasa sa ulan kaya napilitan syang mag-tsinelas pauwi. Ang Tretorn shoes nya, ayun, inamag lang sa classroom dahil ayaw iuwi. Anyways, madami naman daw syang shoes! Rich kid!
11. K-Swiss at Kaypee- Pag sosyal ka, K-Swiss, pag masa ka, Kaypee shoes. Nagkaroon ako ng Kaypee shoes, pink. Agad bumuka nung mabasa ng ulan. Mabuti naman at may sapatero laging dumaraan para i-repair ang sapatos ko.
12. Mighty Kid- Hats off ako sa tibay ng sapatos na to. 1985, nakatanggap ako ng aguinaldo na tatlong daang piso. Ang halaga ng Mighty Kid na nabili ko ay 250 pesos. May sukli pa akong pambili ng doughnut.