The Women in Vic Sotto’s Life

vic sotto

Tall, slender and possessing an animalistic appeal, that’s how women view Vic Sotto. I don’t know the many women of his life so I’ll just discuss the most unforgetable ones.

Let’s start with ex-wife Dina Bonnevie. I was a young girl when they aired their comedy sitcom, 2+2. I think Mayor Herbert Bautista was in that sitcom, too. I forgot Herbert’s loveteam though. Dina is not only beautiful, she’s also intelligent and smart. In that 1980’s sitcom, I remember that toddler Danica was also in the cast. Then came their separation and the sitcom was put to end. As a young child, I thought they were a happy couple. Dina and Vic were such a nice couple, sayang! At least they produced two beautiful kids; Danica and Oyo Boy. After her failed marriage, Dina became one of the top dramatic stars in the 1980’s and 1990’s. And who can ever forget her May-December love affair gimmick with Gary Estrada? With her beauty and personality, there’s life after Vic Sotto.

Coney Reyes seemed perfect for Vic, too. Just like Dina, Coney is articulate, intelligent, smart and beautiful. Plus point is her being a jolly person. Their relationship produced a son named Vico. I wonder why Vic did not marry Coney. I can’t remember if it was Vic’s marriage that was not yet annulled at that time or was it Coney’s? Aiza Seguerra was a witness on the Coney-Vic love story. After all, she was their “baby.” The couple was just too fond of her.

Angela Luz’ relationship with Vic was not publicized. The only time people got interested on it was when Angela gave birth to a baby girl. That girl turned out to be a golf champion. Angela was the Bilmoko Girl in the 1980’s SMB commercial. She is the sister of the late Paula Luz, a singer.

Christine Jacob and Coney Reyes both have a bubbly personality. Christine was overweight when she started in Eat Bulaga. It was the late Rio Diaz-Cojuangco who advised her to lose weight. The new Christine captivated Bosing’s heart. Fans thought that Vic finally found the “One.” After several years of going steady, Christine broke up with him as she saw that their relationship had no future. Christine is now married to a Sandejas and is happily taking care of their children.

After Christine Jacob comes Kristine Florendo. Kristine was a beauty queen and that’s all that we know about her. Vic was mum about their rumored relationship and it did not create a stir unlike the first three women that I mentioned.

Then there’s Pia Cabrera, a model, who was linked to him. Just like Kristine Florendo, Vic was mum about their rumored relationship.

I remember that Vic tried to pursue Kris Aquino, too. But Kris was just too excited to let the people know about it, the short-lived courtship ended so fast.

Pia Guanio was Mike Jacob’s fiancee. Mike is Christine Jacob’s brother and yes, Christine was Vic’s ex. Vic came to the picture after Pia and Mike broke up. Pia is cute, sexy, smart and intelligent. With Pia, Vic was very vocal about his affection; something that he never did to his past girlfriends. They seemed to be compatible and happy until we saw a crying Pia Guanio on Showbiz Central some two weeks ago. They are having problems on their relationship and fans are just too concerned about them.

Now, is it possible that Vic and Dina will reconcile and be together again? Maybe this time, things have changed. Oh well, Vic’s lovelife still makes headlines in the entertainment industry.

Update as of Jan. 11, 2013:
I should have written this a year ago when the rumors linking Vic to Pauleen Luna was at its strongest. Pauleen Luna is almost three decades his junior and she is of the same age as Paulina, Vic’s daughter courtesy of Angela Luz. From the looks of it, Oyo Boy is not very happy about his father being linked with a much much younger girl. The chapter of Vic and Dina’s love story clearly ended when the latter married a politician from the Ilocos region. A possible reconciliation with lady love Pia Guanio became a fantasy when Pia married businessman Steve Mago. Pia is now a happy wife and mother to a baby girl. If you’ve seen Pia on TV, she’s still very sexy and toned; you wouldn’t think she just gave birth. Now back to Pauleen; she was once a Little Miss Philippines contestant—you can imagine the big age gap between her and Vic. But should age matter when two people are in love?